Selasa, 21 Agustus 2012

Become a Better Test Taker to Score Higher Instead of Just Studying Harder

One definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Yet when studying for the ACT test, many very bright students do exactly this. They just keep working harder and taking more practice tests without realizing that the best way to increase their ACT test score is to become a better test taker.

Test Taking Skills Provide the Edge

It doesn't matter whether you are a straight A student or have studied for weeks for the ACT test. If you haven't mastered some basic test-taking skills, you will not be able reach your potential and get above a certain score.

Just knowing the information to answer the questions is not enough with the ACT test. The test is specifically designed to make time an issue, so you must be able to arrive at the correct answer quickly. This means that the faster student will do better than the more knowledgeable student!

Test Taking Skills Stay With You

Once you are in college, the skills that you learn to get a high score on the ACT test stay with you, helping you to earn a higher GPA, which means a better future all around.

What you do to prepare for the ACT, if you are studying smart, can help you not only get a high ACT score, but can also make college a lot easier for you and make you able to get a lot more out of it!

This is not to be confused with "studying the test" to take a shortcut and game the system. Learning test taking skills just enables you to perform to your full potential. And this is something that will put you well ahead of the majority of students out there, giving you the competitive edge!