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Where To Find Free ACT Practice Tests and Videos

Smart parents will ask me where they can find free ACT practice tests. They are smart because they know that there is a lot of information out there for free and spending more money doesn't guarantee that you will get the best outcome.

Most people just assume that to get ACT practice tests they will have to spend money, usually on a 'big thick book' that has several full-length tests in it.

The Problem, Beyond Spending Money

Even if you have money to burn and no matches, spending money on practice ACT tests is usually a bad idea. The reason is that most of them are not official ACT documents, so you never know for sure how accurate the mixture is of the type of questions you are getting.

The other problem is that most of the practice tests in books at the bookstores do not break your scores for Math and English down into sub-scores the way the real ACT test does. Without analyzing the sub-scores, it is very difficult to quickly assess where you need to study in order to raise your score.

Get The Tests For Free

Every year at least one ACT test is "retired" and made available to the public. (There are always several in use so that nobody can memorize the questions) Each year these are made available as PDF files on the official ACT website and as printed workbooks sent to high school guidance counselors.

Since the ACT hasn't changed substantially in years, a practice test from last year or the year before is just as good as the current one. So go online and download the current free ACT practice test and ask your guidance counselor if there are older ones available.

You'll save money and also time diagnosing which areas you need to focus on by getting these free ACT practice tests.

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